Vasiliev's Journal

Journal & Loose Notes


Bound in leather, the contents of the journal are written in Wallachian. They tell tale of Vasiliev’s sojourn through the Carpathian mountains. During his travels, the author witnessed many supernatural events, including necromancy, cannibalism, and divination. It contains a divination ritual to be conducted as a séance, as well as a variation of that ritual to conjure a specific spirit he calls Shepcha Bog (the Whispering God). A few drawing are found in the pages. They include sigils used for the rituals, a sketch of the pentagonal trapezohedron, and images of various incarnations of Shepcha Bog.

The loose notes are records of Vasiliev’s séances conducted with formulæ of Mortlan’s Formula. The make note of horrifying visions, and an encounter with the Whispering God leading him to seek out the Baron and his companions. Another account mentions a participant in the séance being dragged off by a devilish avatar of the Whispering God. It ends with mad rantings of dooming the investigators and claims that “it has come” for him.


Found in Vasiliev’s chambers after his demise.

Contains spells:

Vasiliev's Journal

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