Pentagonal Trapezohedron

Gemstone amulet


A ten-sided crystal fashioned into an amulet. It resembles lapis lazuli, except the blue matrix is slightly clearer and opalescent. The gold flecks, likewise are larger and clearer than in true lapis, and they have an unusual lustre about them. Inscribed in each face are various runes; while undecipherable, they bear resemblance to runes found in the golden sarcophagus Merriweather once owned.

When under a clear night sky, the crystal becomes slightly warm to the touch and begins glowing with an aura of a strange color: it is greenish-yellowish-purplish-reddish, undulating in a way that makes it difficult to focus on the colours. The stone pulses subsonically in a three-beat rhythm.


Found around the neck of Vasiliev’s corpse.

Mentioned in Vasiliev’s journal as a focus for conjuring the Whispering God.

Pentagonal Trapezohedron

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