Martyr's Blood

Spell (healing)


By touching an open wound to another person’s wound and a short chant, the caster can share his vitality with the target, thereby healing the less fortunate person. This transference in most often done by means of a fresh cut made on the palm of the caster, but it’s possible that any fresh and bleeding wound could suffice. Cannot restore life to the dead.

Requires a full round of touching the target whilst chanting.

Takes a full round of touching and chanting. Heals 2D6 hit points to the target, one per round. After a full night’s rest, heals another 1d6.

Takes as many Magic Points as it heals. If the caster doesn’t have enough MP, it will only heal as many MP as the caster has. If this would bring the MP to 0, the caster will fall unconscious.

Does half as much damage as rolled (rounded down) to the caster. Costs 2 Sanity.


Martyr's Blood

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