Horse Whisperer

Spell (occult)


Allows the caster to communicate with horses. Spend about a minute cooing at the horse in a soothing voice and petting it to calm it down. Afterwards, you can communicate telepathically with the horse for about five minutes. Horses do not have a highly developed verbal language, so the communication is mostly via images.

Note that this is not a passive, empathic communication — it forces the horse’s thoughts directly into the mind of the caster, which could possibly be unsettling. The spell does not seem to disturb the horse at all, just the caster.


The spell costs 1 MP which must be spent during the casting. Recasting the spell immediately after the five minute duration in order to extend the duration costs the 1 MP as normal, but does not require an additional “cooing” phase. If the horse is a willing participant, the spell works with no rolls or other costs.

If the horse is not a willing participant, make a check of quarter-Animal Empathy vs the horse’s POW on the resistance table. On a failure, no connection is made; the caster still spends the 1 MP but also loses 1 Sanity. On a success, the caster loses 1d2 Sanity in addition to the normal 1 MP to cast. After the duration expires, this process must be repeated (with additional loss of Sanity if applicable).

Horse Whisperer

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