Shepcha Bog

The Whispering God


Shepcha Bog is the name ascribed to a spirit in Vasiliev’s journal. The spirit is said to have the ability to show its conjuror scenes of the past.

Shepcha Bog is described as a tall, slender man with long limbs. His skin is smooth and as dark as ebony. He has no facial features — his bald head has slight depressions where his eyes should be and a raised structure for his “nose.” He looks like he has a black latex balloon stretched over his head, obscuring the details of his face.

He has never been known to speak aloud, though he does sometimes whisper to his conjuror. The whispers are always in a language unknown to the listener, although sometimes the words can be understood. He is always accompanied by a foreboding sense in one’s soul, and often thunderstorms that blot out all light.


Shepcha Bog

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