Rupert Merriweather


Rupert Merriweather died Friday, April 13, 1923.

Rupert is a gentleman of no small stature, both physically and socially. He maintains a very profitable import company (Merry Weather Holdings), bringing in all manner of exotic accoutrements from the Orient. He is a genial, soft-spoken man despite being a shrewd businessman.

In his late 60s, Rupert has been suffering of consumption for the past few years, so the day-to-day affairs of his business have been handed to his son, Bertrand. He attends fewer socials than he did prior, but still manages to spend much of his free time at the Arkham Country Club.

Years ago, in his youth, Rupert and five friends summoned an unknown creature by means of an ancient spell. They managed to contain the creature in the farmhouse in which it was summoned, but the wardings they used will only last so long as at least one of the casters remain alive. Rupert was the last of the friends left living, until his recent demise.

Agnes Merriweather, wife
Bertrand Merriweather, son


Rupert Merriweather

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