Luther Herman

Librarian at Miskatonic University


Luther Herman is a slight man in his mid-50s. German by birth, he came to the United States while still a young child. He speaks English impeccably, albeit with a quaint (and faint) accent of his mother tongue. He is bespectacled, and he is rarely seen without his trademark tweed waistcoat and bow tie. He typically does not wear a suit jacket, though, as he feels it does not “complement his humours.”

Luther is a librarian in the Miskatonic University. While he presides primarily over the Farrell Wing (concerning Law volumes), he has an uncanny mental catalogue of the library’s 400,000+ books. He originally began working at the Library about thirty years ago in order to help pay his tuition. Although he currently works in the Law section of the Library, he was an astute student of history and is an amateur antiquarian.


Luther Herman

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