Hans Göttering

German Explorer


The skeleton of Hans Göttering was discovered in the basement of the farmhouse once owned by Rupert Merriweather, et al.

Göttering was a German explorer who had taken residence in Arkham. He was a prominent member of the Vanguard Society, and the ultimate cause of its dissolution.

In 1862, Göttering took a small group of men into the Amazon in order to research the cult practices of certain aboriginal tribes. In particular, he was obsessed with the idea that the Mesoamerican deity Quetzalcoatl was, in fact, the same entity as the Babylonian Yig. Rumours of an ancient temple predating the Mayans fueled this notion, but he was unable to actually find the temple. Ultimately, he returned empty-handed.

In 1865, he gathered additional resources from the Vanguard Society, and he trekked back into the Amazon with another group of men. He stayed with an aboriginal tribe for a while and continued his search for the temple. This expedition was a disastrous failure, and he was the only person to return to Arkham — alive, but mad. He checked himself into the Arkham Asylum, where he remained for some time. The last he was seen alive was when he checked himself out of the hospital.

Backlash from the community about the flagrant disregard for life and history, as well as the financial drain this last expedition caused, forced the Vanguard Society to close its doors to new members. Shortly thereafter, it disbanded outright.


Hans Göttering

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