Into the Gloaming

Saturday, 5 May, 1923

Rehash & Adventure log…

A lot has been going on the past couple of weeks. MK finished translating the encoded ledger that Andrew’s uncle left behind. In it were clues that he had some kind of remunerative arrangement in Red Hook which revolved around the import and distribution of orange marmalade.

Along the vein of translations, Andrew also finished translating a journal found in the old farmhouse. It had a symbol embossed on it that looked similar to a tattoo you saw on the waiter at the Country Club. The journal belonged to a German explorer named Hans Göttering. Amongst Göttering’s exploits was an expedition into the Amazon in order to prove that the local god Quetzalcoatl was the same as the Babylonian god Yig. It also included a drawing of a snake that looked remarkably like the one MK shot. Complete coincidence, I’m sure. Also coincidentally, Andrews dear family pet went missing about the time he learned an ophidian spell.

Then off to Red Hook for some marmalade. After retrieving the final shipment of jammy goodness and a shootout with the Baron’s drug-mongering acquaintances, it was discovered that the jars included a hidden prize — an unusual grade of opium. Experimenting on some rats in the Baron’s new safe house, one died and was dissected. The other became MK’s pet.

The Baron’s matron, the Princess Natalia held a séance and entreated him and his companions to come. Another Russian loyalist and occultist, Leonid Vasiliev, conducted the séance. All of our intrepid investigators were subjected to a shared hallucination, through which a gruesome discovery was made. The Bolsheviks won the recent wars in Russia through diabolical means — zombies! The experience was very disturbing and affected each of you differently, but somewhat profoundly. Later that night, Vasiliev gouged out and ate his own eyes, scribbled something undecipherable in an old Cryllic script (“Glyaxya”), and hung himself. A few other clues were found, as well, such as a “pentagonal trapezohedron” and a journal in an obscure Cryllic dialect.

I believe the current plan is to clean up the scene, try to pass the death off to the coroner as an overdose, and spend some time in the library.

Outstanding research items…

  • Who or what is Yig?
  • Who was Hans Göttering?
  • What does the “VS” on his journal (and the waiter’s hand) stand for?
  • Who or what was the faceless black man?
  • What does Glyaxya mean?
  • What dialect is Vasiliev’s journal in, and what does it say?
  • What is the pendant Vasiliev was wearing?

Feel free to add any other details I missed or courses of actions that you might want to consider.

[edited to fix the Sean’s relation to Andrew]


Oh, yeah, and still pending mysteries, as well…

  • What exactly is this OM stuff?
  • Where is it coming from?
  • How/why was Sean involved?

Because you don’t have enough loose ends already!

Saturday, 5 May, 1923

Wasn’t Sean involved with Merryweather, who had summoned the beastie out in the farm house? Or am I misremembering?

Seems like Unca Sean was trafficking in magic fairy dust – not the most welcome outcome to said mystery, but it’s a start. And do we give a shit where it was coming from? Unless we can determine a really damn good use for it other than getting righteously wasted, I can’t imagine what use we have for it. (I’m certainly not volunteering to shoot up, if that’s what you’re thinking…)

Saturday, 5 May, 1923

Correct; Sean and Rupert were college buddies, which got him involved with the beastie… which may or may not be related to his involvement with the OM.

Saturday, 5 May, 1923

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