Into the Gloaming

Sunday, 6 May, 1923
Séance Aftermath

Some kind words and a generous donation helped convince the coroner that Vasiliev’s death was a horrible testament to the dangers of opium abuse. Meanwhile, the house staff at the Princess’ domicile commenced cleaning up the mess he left behind.

Our intrepid investigators made quickly to the library. Some little headway was made into Hans Göttering and the mysterious society with which he was involved… but at least Andrew, et al., were invited to a small soirée at his good friend Luther’s house.

Research into the mysterious writing on the wall linked the word Glyaxya to Wallachian legends of a monster living in a Siberian lake. The MO of the monster (turning people into mindless servants) matched somewhat what happened in the battle-field vision the night before. Unfortunately, there were no battles fought near enough to Labynkyr Lake to be of use, and why these are Wallachian legends is unknown.

Another vision besets our group, as Medekghui succumbs to a nightmarish hallucination in which he came face to faceless with the Whispering God. After awakening, he found the rat he’d befriended dead. A quick trip to the site of the dream found little awry, save a burnt spot where lightning had struck in the dream. He also found that the trapezohedron shines with an unusual light beneath the night sky.

That night, Medekghui’s rat reanimated. An attempt to commune with the creature revealed Things No Man Was Meant To Know. The Baron emancipated what was left of the rat’s spirit from its corporeal host and cremated it, posthaste.

The next day, the Baron worked on translating the medium’s journal and notes to discover some information about his travels in Wallachia and the things he learned there. The other two investigators sallied forth to the University to call upon a chemist friend to analyze the strange substance contained in the jars of Orange Marmalade.

Many secrets still lay in wait…

Saturday, 5 May, 1923

Rehash & Adventure log…

A lot has been going on the past couple of weeks. MK finished translating the encoded ledger that Andrew’s uncle left behind. In it were clues that he had some kind of remunerative arrangement in Red Hook which revolved around the import and distribution of orange marmalade.

Along the vein of translations, Andrew also finished translating a journal found in the old farmhouse. It had a symbol embossed on it that looked similar to a tattoo you saw on the waiter at the Country Club. The journal belonged to a German explorer named Hans Göttering. Amongst Göttering’s exploits was an expedition into the Amazon in order to prove that the local god Quetzalcoatl was the same as the Babylonian god Yig. It also included a drawing of a snake that looked remarkably like the one MK shot. Complete coincidence, I’m sure. Also coincidentally, Andrews dear family pet went missing about the time he learned an ophidian spell.

Then off to Red Hook for some marmalade. After retrieving the final shipment of jammy goodness and a shootout with the Baron’s drug-mongering acquaintances, it was discovered that the jars included a hidden prize — an unusual grade of opium. Experimenting on some rats in the Baron’s new safe house, one died and was dissected. The other became MK’s pet.

The Baron’s matron, the Princess Natalia held a séance and entreated him and his companions to come. Another Russian loyalist and occultist, Leonid Vasiliev, conducted the séance. All of our intrepid investigators were subjected to a shared hallucination, through which a gruesome discovery was made. The Bolsheviks won the recent wars in Russia through diabolical means — zombies! The experience was very disturbing and affected each of you differently, but somewhat profoundly. Later that night, Vasiliev gouged out and ate his own eyes, scribbled something undecipherable in an old Cryllic script (“Glyaxya”), and hung himself. A few other clues were found, as well, such as a “pentagonal trapezohedron” and a journal in an obscure Cryllic dialect.

I believe the current plan is to clean up the scene, try to pass the death off to the coroner as an overdose, and spend some time in the library.

Outstanding research items…

  • Who or what is Yig?
  • Who was Hans Göttering?
  • What does the “VS” on his journal (and the waiter’s hand) stand for?
  • Who or what was the faceless black man?
  • What does Glyaxya mean?
  • What dialect is Vasiliev’s journal in, and what does it say?
  • What is the pendant Vasiliev was wearing?

Feel free to add any other details I missed or courses of actions that you might want to consider.

[edited to fix the Sean’s relation to Andrew]

Monday, 16 April, 1923

Success mongolian kid

Sunday, 15 April, 1923

After dispatching the horror hiding in the old farmhouse, investigators learn that Rupert Merriweather indeed passed away Friday afternoon. Funeral services will be held today at 3 pm at the cemetery.

Loose ends that may be followed up in downtime, or be potential leads for future adventures:

  • What was the nature of Rupert’s disease? (Medekgui)
  • What is Sean’s Arabic notebook all about? (Andrew)
  • What does Danny O’Bannion want from the Baron? (Baron)
  • What are you going to do with the golden box?
  • What are you going to do with the farmhouse?
  • What is the De Vermis Mysteriis that was repeatedly mentioned?
  • Did anyone find out about Maybelle and Red Jake?
  • Is anyone interested in learning the spell(s) discovered?

Add any other loose ends that I may have forgotten…

Saturday, 14 April 1923

Party journeys to the Allen farm, discovers that the ‘indiscretion’ is beginning to terrorize the countryside. We learn of Maybelle, search the farmhouse, and deal with a hobo problem. Once we choose a course of action, we retreat to dine and practice reading Latin in reverse. Return to the house in the evening for chanting at midnight and further seduction by the demon before it is banished. A bit of cleanup and return home.

Friday, 13 April 1923

Party arrives at hospital to meet with Rupert Merriweather. He tasks us with dealing with his college indiscretions, though in this case they run toward the black arts. We learn what we can and make plans.

Thursday evening

visited a ‘bar’. quite depressing place, run by paranoid imbeciles; good drinks, though.

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Friday, 1300: Summoned by R. Merriweather to St. Mary’s. Terrible request?


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